Municipality Case Study

The City of Palm Coast, FL


  • Palm Coast is a city of over 80,000 residents in northern Florida
  • Between 2000 and 2016, Palm Coast’s population more than doubled (32,000 to 85,000 people)
  • Due to the City’s rigid wireless ordinance, carriers were unable to keep network development up with the population growth/coverage needs
  • In 2017, the City hired Diamond to evaluate and find a solution for its lagging infrastructure

Diamond’s Approach

  • Performed a detailed analysis on the City’s existing infrastructure, population and urban layout to determine exactly where infrastructure was needed
  • Identified City and other publicly owned properties that could provide efficient solutions
  • Reconstructed the ordinance to enable controlled and efficient wireless infrastructure deployments, in conjunction with the City Planning Department
  • Marketed the opportunity to carriers, identifying solutions customized to each carrier’s coverage deficiencies


  • The Wireless Master Plan and revised ordinance received universal endorsement from the City Council and wireless carriers
  • We have multiple infrastructure projects underway that will improve wireless service for Palm Coast’s citizens and generate additional revenue for the City