Georgia Power

Georgia Power and Diamond have teamed up to facilitate wireless equipment deployment on Georgia Power’s portfolio of vertical assets and available land throughout the state.

About Georgia Power

Georgia Power, a subsidiary Southern Company, provides electric power to over 2.6M customers across a vast majority of Georgia.

Key Advantages of the Georgia Power/Diamond Partnership

  • Georgia Power’s real estate portfolio includes 90,000+ transmission towers, 300+ communications towers and over 600 properties available for wireless deployment and/or development
  • Georgia Power’s assets are located throughout Georgia with significant coverage of Metro Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, Columbus, Athens and Savannah
  • Georgia Power’s Telecom Colocation group is an industry leader focused on expanding connectivity for all Georgians
  • Georgia Power and Diamond have worked collaboratively to institute a streamlined approval process to get sites ON-AIR quickly and easily
  • Georgia Power locations include many existing structures that are likely to be favorably viewed as potential locations for wireless equipment deployment by local zoning and permitting authorities
  • Addition of Diamond Communications to the Georgia Power Wireless Program brings a successful track record of colocation on utility infrastructure
  • Since 2009, Diamond has partnered with utilities and successfully managed hundreds of wireless colocations on utility infrastructure
  • Key members of Diamond’s management team have been directly involved in colocation on utility & critical infrastructure assets for over 20 years

Efficient Deployment

  • Reduced site acquisition costs with optimal locations available for wireless colocation
  • Substantial loading capacity available on existing communication towers and upgraded transmission towers

Quicker On-Air Time

  • Aggressive construction schedules
  • Coordination of outages on transmission lines, if needed
  • Diamond project manager dedicated to coordinating all deployment activities between carriers and all relevant Georgia Power parties
  • Workforce with years of experience executing timely and safe installations
  • Master Site License Agreements that enable efficient processing of lease documentation

For inquiries regarding Diamond’s partnership with Georgia Power or any information regarding specific locations or areas, please contact Dan Turnpaugh, Diamond’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at [email protected]

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