Enhance tenant connectivity and create long-term value

Diamond Rooftops

Diamond recognizes that managing wireless infrastructure on rooftops requires a dedicated focus to ensure that we take advantage of wireless equipment deployment opportunities while minimizing the impact to the owner/tenant experience.

We have dedicated teams to ensure we are maximizing wireless tenant opportunities in close collaboration with our property owner partners.

Diamond has 700+ tenanted rooftop sites nationwide available to enhance network capacity and coverage

Rooftop Scans
& Analysis

Diamond uses drone photography to document current tenant equipment and Diamond easement space that is useful for auditing and having a visual to show potential customers what locations and space we have to offer.


Diamond has a portfolio of over 700 tenanted rooftop sites located in all 50 states, offering available capacity for additional wireless installations.
Our rooftop sites, strategically located in urban and suburban markets, facilitate deployments in capacity-constrained areas with challenging zoning restrictions.

Carriers: Cost-Efficient and Seamless Deployment

Diamond’s team of professional sales and asset managers are strategically positioned in 20 regional offices and ensure rapid response times. Asset managers have extensive experience working with wireless carriers and building owners to find cost-efficient network solutions.

  • Our Site Search tool contains detailed information on all rooftop sites nationwide
  • Diamond rooftop locations can be provided upon request in a user-friendly format
  • 24/7 customer support

For collocation and other inquiries, please contact us here.

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Building Owners

Our trusted national rooftop leasing team will market your property to generate interest from potential tenants and create a long term revenue stream. Diamond’s sales and asset managers can bring their significant experience and strong relationships with wireless carriers to maximize the value of your rooftop.

  • Create New Revenue streams - Significant in-house expertise to generate tenants and revenue streams.
  • Trusted Advisor – Dedicated Asset Manager to guide building owners through the leasing process.
  • Dedicated Operations Team – Rooftop Operations Team focused on managing site logistics, agreeing on access protocols, and minimizing disruptions.

Lease Buyout Program

Unlock the value of your rooftops with a lump sum cash payment, and monetize your future value today. For details regarding our Lease Buyout Program, please contact us.

For more information contact Christopher Webb at [email protected]