Identifying available towers and other infrastructure for colocation can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with our Site Search tool and ready access to our Business Development Managers. Our growing list of structures across the United States provides attractive options for coverage or capacity solutions for all wireless carriers in all major U.S. markets.


When an existing tower or other available infrastructure does not meet the needs of our clients, Diamond offers full tower development services. We develop and build new towers from start to finish and are continually adding new sites to our asset inventory.


Diamond has an active communications tower and land acquisition business and is constantly looking for opportunities to help third parties monetize the value of wireless infrastructure assets. Diamond has significant financial resources and can offer competitive prices and quick execution.

Call us to obtain a free, no obligation estimate on your tower or ground lease.

Site Management

Diamond will manage your existing wireless assets and/or available property, including rooftops, on your behalf. We use our long-standing relationships with the major U.S. wireless carriers to actively market your assets and properties, bringing in additional income while managing day-to-day operations, maintenance and all other activities.

Leasing space on one of our existing structures allows you to quickly and efficiently meet your wireless needs. Our growing list of structures across the United States makes finding a location to suit your needs even easier.

Developer Partnership Program

If you are a tower developer looking to increase scale and grow more quickly, we offer the Diamond Tower Developer Partnership Program to meet your needs. The objective is simple: combine Diamond’s capital and management experience with a tower developer’s skills and local relationships. The Diamond Tower Developer Partnership Program is flexible and can be customized for your situation.