FirstEnergy is one of the largest utility infrastructure owners throughout its 6 state region

Diamond and FirstEnergy (FE) offers streamlined colocation, new build and small cell solutions across 65,000 square miles of infrastructure, serving 6 million customers in New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

  • Deploying and managing hundreds of colocations on transmission towers
  • Upgrading existing FE structures to accommodate carriers' current and future loading requirements
  • Building towers on FE properties

About FirstEnergy

FE is a Fortune 500 diversified energy company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Its 10 electric utility operating subsidiaries comprise the nation's fifth largest investor-owned electric system. FirstEnergy provides a wide array of energy-related products and services.

This map shows FirstEnergy's electric distribution companies (EDCs)

Key Advantages of Deploying on FE Infrastructure and Properties

FE's assets are located over a 65,000 square mile service area and include:

  • 120,000 structures running along 20,000 miles of right-of-way
  • Colocation-ready communications towers
  • Buildings and thousands of raw land build opportunities

Efficient Deployment

  • Reduced site acquisition costs - Diamond can help you find optimal locations for your network deployment
  • Existing towers and upgraded transmission towers with substantial loading capacity

Quicker On-Air Time

  • Aggressive construction schedules
  • Coordination of outages on transmission lines, if needed
  • Diamond project manager dedicated to coordinating all deployment activities between carriers, Diamond, and all relevant FE parties
  • Workforce with years of experience executing timely and safe installations
  • Master Site License Agreements that enable efficient lease documentation

Experienced Partner

  • Diamond has been successfully assisting carriers with a variety of deployments and colocations on FE assets since 2009
  • We are highly familiar with the various utility requirements and processes involved with locating wireless equipment on FE structures and properties
  • We have strong relationships with our FE counterparts and are constantly working with FE to improve and streamline deployment processes
  • We have substantial experience working with carriers and siting authorities on attachments to FE structures and development of new towers on FE properties

For inquiries regarding Diamond’s relationship with FirstEnergy or any information regarding specific locations or areas, please contact Melissa Cooke, Vice President at [email protected]