Macro Towers: The Foundation of Wireless Networks

Diamond Towers

Diamond Communications has a geographically diverse wireless tower portfolio. Our assets include monopoles, self-supports, guyed, and stealth towers and are available in all 50 states for colocation. Diamond’s owned structures have been developed with significant capacity to accommodate multiple colocations.

Macro towers are the foundation of the wireless industry and play a pivotal role in the evolution of wireless, 5G, and other technologies. As wireless infrastructure continues to expand, macro towers will continue to be the cornerstone of evolving carrier networks.

Build-To-Suit Towers

Diamond Communications has built over 500 assets for wireless carriers over the last five years. To view information on our Build-to-Suit program click the button.

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Our Towers

Diamond has the capability to design a tower to meet any aesthetic needs of our partners. See some examples of our wide variety of towers from traditional monopoles to stealth structures.