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Contact: Cindi Lane, Communications & Marketing Manager
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Jan. 22, 2019

Construction of new cell tower signals big step toward better cell service in Palm Coast

Palm Coast – Construction of a new cell tower on Palm Coast Parkway has begun – the first major project of a Palm Coast City Council plan to improve cell service city-wide.

The new 150-foot tower will be located next to Heroes Park, west of the Palm Coast Library. Construction is expected to take about a month, and AT&T Wireless has signed a lease to have antennas on the tower. The new tower, constructed by an affiliate of Diamond Communications LLC (“Diamond”), can accommodate several other cell providers as well.

“The Palm Coast City Council made it a top priority to improve cell service for our residents and businesses, and we’re excited to see this first new tower going up,” said Palm Coast Mayor Milissa Holland. “People rely on their cell phones to keep in touch with family and friends and do their day-to-day business, and these new towers will improve service dramatically. Plus, there will be great public safety benefits as we continue to grow as a community.”

Palm Coast hasn’t had a new cell tower since 2010, and residents and business owners often complain of spotty service. After partnering with Diamond, the City Council’s first step was to amend Palm Coast’s ordinance to pave the way for the more modern cell tower designs preferred by cell carriers but in a manner that allowed the City to maintain control of future development.

Diamond is marketing select City properties to all the major wireless providers to develop towers that should greatly improve the wireless communications experience for Palm Coast residents and businesses. Diamond will build the towers on City property and is responsible for all of the costs of construction and maintenance. While Diamond will fund construction and maintenance of the towers, the City will receive 40 percent of all lease proceeds from the wireless providers that rent space on the towers. In addition, Diamond is managing wireless carrier activities on three City-owned towers and the City’s water tower on A1A.

So far, AT&T has shown the most willingness to improve its network in Palm Coast by actively pursuing investments in new antenna attachments around the City.

In addition to improving cell phone service, the City Council is leading a number of technology initiatives for Palm Coast, to foster an environment of innovation and stay on the cutting edge of technology advancements. The City is currently updating the business plan for its fiber optic network for high-speed internet, telephone and other telecommunications services.

“We are expanding our use of technology through smart-city applications, and we are working to maximize the potential for the City’s FiberNet system and wireless infrastructure,” Mayor Holland said. “We see technology as a way to not only improve City services, but also to help grow the local economy.”

For more information, contact Communications & Marketing Manager Cindi Lane at and 386-986-3708.

About Diamond Communications LLC
Diamond Communications LLC is headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey with offices in twelve states throughout the U.S. Diamond is one of the largest private U.S. wireless infrastructure companies and manages approximately 200,000 properties and structures across the country. Diamond has longstanding relationships with the major wireless carriers, regional carriers, first responders and other wireless users. For more information, please visit our website at or contact Peter Woodbury at or 973-544-6822.

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