YRC FreightYRC Freight

YRC Freight is a prominent shipping and logistics company with properties in many major U.S. urban markets

YRC has partnered with Diamond to exclusively market its properties for wireless carrier colocations on new towers, which are to be constructed and owned by Diamond on the properties.

Key Attributes of the YRC Freight and Diamond Partnership

  • Many of YRC’s 125 properties are located in the proximity of either a heavily trafficked highway or a populated urban center
  • YRC’s properties provide opportunities for wireless carriers in nearly every state comprising the Eastern half of the U.S., as well as in California and the Southwest
  • YRC’s properties are spacious and well-suited for new tower builds
  • Diamond provides the capital required for new towers

For inquiries regarding new tower builds or colocation opportunities on YRC’s properties, specific site information, or any other questions related to YRC’s partnership with Diamond, please contact Diamond’s Vice President of Site Management, Dan Turnpaugh, at (973) 735-6622 or dturnpaugh@diamondcomm.com