Ohio TurnpikeOhio Turnpike

The Ohio Turnpike is a 241-mile major interstate with a portfolio of existing towers and available new-build opportunities along its right-of-way.

Diamond was hired by the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission (OTIC) to be the exclusive manager of wireless deployment activities across the turnpike – including construction of new towers on rights-of-way, interchanges, service plazas and rest stops, and colocation on the turnpike’s existing 34 communications towers.

Key Advantages of Deploying Network Infrastructure on the Ohio Turnpike

  • 34 existing towers available for colocation
  • Streamlined deployment/construction processes for over 241 miles of right-of-way, 31 interchanges and 14 service plazas
  • Diamond can provide capital for new tower builds on the turnpike
  • Track record of successfully managing numerous colocations and equipment modifications​

The press release detailing Diamond’s relationship with the OTIC can be found here.

For inquiries regarding colocation on an Ohio Turnpike property, specific site information, or any other questions related to OTIC’s partnership with Diamond, please contact Diamond’s Vice President of Site Management, Dan Turnpaugh, at (973) 735-6622 or dturnpaugh@diamondcomm.com

For more information on OTIC, please visit their website at ohioturnpike.org