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Multi Theater Performing Arts Center Case Study


  • A 170,000-square foot multi-theater performing arts center in a dense urban area, this venue hosts over 200 events a year
  • With seating for over 3000 guests, the arts center is a low-rise complex amid commercial office skyscrapers, and multiple sports arenas.
  • Coverage and capacity was hard to come by for the wireless operators and detrimental to the event-goer experience.


  • Diamond Mobile Solutions (DMS) teamed with Ericsson to supply a Distributed Radio Access Network (D-­‐RAN) throughout the venue. This included:
    • A coverage and capacity solution designed by DMS and Ericsson to the specifications of the wireless service provider (WSP)
    • Carrier/tenant coordination and deployment of a multi-­‐operator technical solution including:
      • High-capacity baseband units: Ericsson DUS 41
      • Optimally placed 5-watt Ericsson mRRU radios
      • Stealth omni and directional antennas to provide blanket coverage
      • Dedicated fiber backhaul provided by the WSP
  • DMS licensed the system back to the WSPs and provides on-­going maintenance and operation of the D-­RAN


  • D-­RAN architecture allows the WSP to choose their optimal bands using network equipment currently certified and integrated into their core networks
  • DMS’s owner­‐funded baseband and radio licensing program offsets carrier CapEx obligations
  • In­‐building system off-­loads highly concentrated event-­driven user traffic from an already overtaxed downtown macro network
  • Enables real-­time social media, video streaming, and an overall enhanced event experience