Land Acquisitions

We provide lease owners with immediate cash in exchange for the rights under their lease agreements. Payouts can be structured in a variety of ways depending on objectives of the lease owners.

Diamond provides a range of flexible payout options such as a lump-sum payout or periodic payouts over time, structured in a tax-efficient manner. Proceeds from a lease sale are not restricted and can be used at the lease owner’s discretion. Diamond will work in conjunction with lease owners to market existing sites to major wireless carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. We purchase leases and work with a wide range of customers, including individual landowners, small and large business owners, commercial real estate companies, municipalities, government entities and nonprofit organizations.

Benefits of Working with Diamond

Attractive Pricing

Tower valuations continue to increase and Diamond continues to pay high prices for towers. Let us help you maximize the value of your leases.


Our experts are on-hand to customize a transaction to meet your needs by making upfront payments, payments over time, or a combination of the two. We often tailor transactions to help maximize sale proceeds for the seller.


We are honest and deliver on our promises. The deal we agree on up front is the deal we will fund at closing.


Significant Financial Resources

We have significant resources available to fund acquisitions. Regardless of the size of your transaction, cash at closing will be paid to you quickly and easily.


Diamond has one team dedicated to acquisitions. One team member will be your dedicated point of contact throughout the process, available to talk or field any questions that come up at any time. We are sensitive to our customers’ needs and often close transactions in 60 days or less.


Our management team has purchased thousands of properties in their history. We have the experience, capital and expertise to get your deal to closing.

Contact us if you own one or more leases and would like to learn more about their value. If you have a specific question about a lease or a general question about how the lease sale process works, please call John Thomas at (973) 544-6830 or email at

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Who We Serve

Diamond provides attractive payouts, as well as other benefits, to all types of wireless communications lease owners

Land Owners

Many individuals or families possess a wireless communications tower or rooftop cell site lease that provides a long-term income stream. Unfortunately, carriers can sometimes terminate a lease with relatively short notice. Diamond can provide security and immediate liquidity in exchange for the rights to your lease. This risk reduction strategy will help to maximize the value of your lease agreement by providing immediate cash that can be used to refinance existing debt, pay for education costs, pay down a mortgage, or make a new purchase.

Business Owners

We offer services to both large and small businesses looking to ‘cash in’ on the value of their wireless communications tower or rooftop antenna site lease while continuing to benefit from any future value created through the Diamond relationship. Cashing in today reduces the termination risk associated with a wireless communications site lease. Our payment plans provide immediate liquidity, can be structured to be tax efficient, and help to maximize the value of the owner’s real estate.

Commercial Real Estate

We help commercial real estate owners protect and grow the value of their property by marketing their location to major wireless carriers to bring in new revenue streams. Our ongoing dialogue with major wireless carriers allows us to effectively market commercial sites and increase the value of their property. Our management team has years of experience dealing with commercial real estate sites and assets, and will work with you to make the transaction as timely and easy as possible.

Municipalities, Government and Non-Profits

Many municipalities, government entities, and non-profit organizations host wireless communications towers or rooftop antennas on their property. Diamond can provide security and immediate value to local townships, counties, states, and other government/municipal entities, as well as non-profit organizations. Liquidity from a transaction with Diamond can be used to fund a variety of expenditures such as a new building, emergency vehicles, or other capital projects.