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Design your community’s path to high quality connectivity


High speed, reliable wireless connectivity has become an essential feature of the modern community

  • Wireless technology has progressed from a person-to-person communications service to a highly complex mobile network
  • Seamless connectivity will be the cornerstone of 5G communications
  • There are expected to be 25 billion connected devices by 2020
  • Communities around the world are adopting “Smart City” technologies to more efficiently serve and protect their citizenry
    • Public safety
    • Equal access to wireless services and information
    • Efficiency and sustainability in
      • ​Transportation
      • Energy
      • Water
      • Waste Management

Modern, reliable wireless service requires a robust infrastructure platform

Key Challenge: Cooperation vs. Competition

  • There are many competing parties providing both network service and infrastructure
    • Wireless Carriers
    • Municipalities
    • First Responders
    • WiFi Providers
    • Internet of Things (“IoT”) providers
    • Other public entities
  • Network development is rarely coordinated between service providers
  • This can lead to inefficient, slow deployments and unnecessarily overlapping infrastructure, which can have a significant visual impact on your community

Solution: A Wireless Master Plan

  • Diamond brings communities and wireless service providers together to execute solutions that work for everyone
  • Diamond’s Role:
    • Assess the communities’ wireless needs
    • Review ordinances and make recommendations for updates
    • Identify efficient real estate and infrastructure solutions to meet those needs
    • Integrate the community’s aesthetic and operational requirements into the development plan
    • Enhance the community’s leasing/revenue opportunities
  • Key Benefits:
    • Cohesive Development – Diamond is a neutral developer that works with all carriers and wireless service providers to consolidate required development plans
    • Streamlined Management – Diamond manages all lease administration, maintenance and other ongoing responsibilities
    • No Capital Requirement from Community – Diamond will provide the capital for marketing the Master Plan and developing new infrastructure
    • Real Estate Control – Concentrating new developments on community-owned properties means retained landlord control throughout the life of the infrastructure

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