Our Approach

We understand that every situation is different so we provide flexible solutions and professional execution to maximize value and meet customer objectives. Diamond provides significant and flexible payouts to all types of lease owners, from individual landlords to large-scale commercial real estate owners.

Diamond Offers…

Risk Reduction

In an industry where carriers merge frequently and consolidation of wireless communication sites is common, Diamond can eliminate your termination risk by giving you a cash payout today.

Transparency and Speed

Our entrepreneurial culture allows us to work quickly to gather key information, provide feedback on terms, and assist in the completion of all documentation. Our process is straightforward and we are able to close transactions quickly.

If you have questions, our team is easily reachable and happy to help. We offer significant value throughout the process from start to finish.



Our strong financial backing and broad experience enable us to be flexible and offer different payout options in exchange for your lease interest. Depending on your objectives, payout options may include a lump-sum payout, an up-front payout with additional payouts over time, or a custom payout structure. If possible, we can also structure the payout to be tax efficient. We will design a payout plan to meet your specific objectives.


Our team has significant telecommunications experience and takes a long-term view when acquiring lease interests. Our strong ties with major wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile enable us to market your site effectively to new tenants and provide opportunities for new revenue streams.

Process – We make it as easy as 1-2-3



Our process begins with a phone call to determine some basic facts about the lease terms and land/building ownership so we can provide a quick assessment of value and potential payout options. Understanding your objectives is key so we can provide you with the most relevant options.



Once we have the basic facts, we will quickly provide a written proposal outlining the amount we will pay for the lease interest and different options for payout. We will also provide a list of several documents needed to finalize the transaction.



After acceptance of the written proposal, a dedicated team will be assigned to work with you to acquire all of the necessary documents to close our deal in an efficient and timely manner.