Utilities – Wireless Leasing Opportunities

A wireless leasing program can provide incremental revenue and improve wireless service for your customers and employees in the field

Diamond is a leading U.S. manager of wireless leasing on utility assets

  • Since 2009, Diamond has been the exclusive manager for wireless colocations and installations on FirstEnergy and its operating utilities’ infrastructure throughout the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic
  • Diamond manages all aspects of hundreds of new wireless installations on FirstEnergy transmission towers, utility poles and communication towers
  • There are dozens of new communications towers on FirstEnergy controlled real estate

Diamond understands that safety and reliability of the critical infrastructure utility network are of paramount importance and ensures all utility related activities are managed accordingly

As your leasing partner, Diamond will:

  • ​Market utility locations to carriers on a targeted basis
  • Manage the leasing process from carrier application to executed site lease
  • Coordinate the approval process between all relevant parties
  • Oversee construction from Notice-to-Proceed to Close-Out-Package
  • Develop attachment solutions that benefit the utility and the carriers

Our cross-industry experience places us is in a unique position to partner with utilities and create win-win solutions for the utility and carriers seeking to expand and upgrade their wireless networks

For more information please contact Diamond’s Vice President of Site Management, Dan Turnpaugh at (973) 735-6622 or dturnpaugh@diamondcomm.com