SteepleCom specializes in connecting the coverage needs of the wireless industry with churches’ available steeples, buildings and raw land.

SteepleCom has attracted national recognition by successfully representing the interests of the faith community and non-profits and securing millions of dollars of income for its clients. Bringing together Diamond’s experience in the tower industry and SteepleCom’s reputation as an intermediary for wireless carriers and churches, Diamond Communications and SteepleCom have entered into an exclusive partnership for the marketing and management of wireless carrier colocations on SteepleCom’s portfolio of churches.

Key attributes of the SteepleCom/Diamond partnership:

  • Track record of successfully working with churches, carriers and tower companies for over 15 years
  • Representing over 28,000 collocatable properties
  • Unrivalled access to build towers on United Methodist Church properties nationwide
  • Strategic partnerships with several major denominations and non-profits across the U.S.

For inquiries regarding a possible colocation of wireless equipment on a SteepleCom managed property, specific site information, or any other questions pertaining to SteepleCom’s partnership with Diamond please contact SteepleCom’s founder, Tom Moylan , at 978-386-2322 or Orazio Russo , Senior VP of Development & Marketing at 973-544-6817.

For more information on SteepleCom, please visit their website at .