Site Management

Diamond Communications is a leading provider of wireless asset management services. We utilize our experience as a tower company and our relationships with the major US wireless carriers to market and develop properties that maximize revenue opportunities from wireless telecommunications.

We have a proven track record of consistently increasing annual cash flow on sites that we manage.  We are interested in developing partnerships with property owners that have pre-existing arrangements with wireless carriers or owners that want to increase the value of their property through new wireless development. Our site management services are geared toward aligning our expertise in wireless development with the specific financial objectives of our clients. Currently we have key partnerships with Canadian Pacific, InSite Mediacom , Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission, OUTFRONT Media, and SteepleCom.

Why enter into a management agreement?

Increase revenue and value generated by your properties:


  • Escalating demand for mobile data means wireless carriers are interested in colocating on pre-existing structures and developing new towers.
  • Capitalize on this trend by employing Diamond’s expertise and resources to generate long term revenue streams on your property.

Diamond manages all aspects of carrier relationships on your behalf:

  • Identifying optimal structures or land for colocation or tower development
  • Marketing locations to the wireless carriers
  • Negotiating lease agreements with carriers
  • Engineering, technical, and legal support
  • Coordinating the zoning, permitting and construction processes
  • Administration and maintenance services

Why Diamond?

  • Diamond is a tower company, not a wireless provider, and will therefore not be in a conflict of interest position when maximizing revenue from carrier tenancy.
  • Diamond has a national presence but is small enough to ensure that your sites do not get lost in a vast database.
  • Diamond has strong, longstanding relationships with all four major US carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile).
  • Our management team has broad experience managing properties. We can identify optimal colocation opportunities on properties and assets and efficiently market them to carriers.
  • As a tower company, our understanding of the colocation market gives us a distinct advantage in negotiating highly competitive rents and lease terms with the carriers.
  • Diamond has business executives, in-house engineers and a legal team all devoted to wireless site management.
  • Most importantly, we distinguish ourselves through a consumer-oriented management philosophy:
    • We seek to maximize YOUR revenue.
    • We incur ALL COSTS of any capital projects undertaken to build/improve wireless infrastructure.
    • We manage your properties with the highest professional standards.

Marketing Plan

  • Diamond will develop a marketing plan tailored to your properties including marketing literature and online resources presenting technical data, maps and the advantages of each site.
  • Our business development managers will proactively market your properties to wireless carriers during regular face-to-face meetings.


  • We agree to a compensation framework aligning our interest with yours.
  • Diamond typically absorbs all expenses related to the promotion, construction and management of your sites.

Types of owners we serve:

Diamond has a proven track record forming partnerships with many types of property owners:

Real Estate Developers

Diamond helps commercial and residential real estate developers realize new revenue sources and increase property value through wireless development.

We provide property developers with:

  • A long-term, stable revenue stream which may be retained or sold over time.
  • Additional revenue without the responsibility of managing and negotiating wireless agreements.


Property Owners Interested in Wireless Development

Our experts will:

  • Quickly identify optimal locations for wireless equipment on your site.
  • Proactively market your location to the major US carriers.
  • Expertly negotiate rents that seek to maximize your revenue stream.
  • Manage all permitting, construction and installation activities according to established guidelines.


Municipalities, Non-Profits, Government

Public service sites such as hospitals, schools, fire stations, police stations and municipal buildings are typically positioned in heavily trafficked and densely populated areas.

Diamond can help  generate long term revenue streams on these strategic locations by:

  • Marketing your sites to carriers and negotiating competitive rents.
  • Manage all permitting, construction and installation activities according to established guidelines.
  • Managing your carrier relationships, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

Diamond holds its employees and subcontractors to the highest professional standards. We understand that the safety and well being of your community and employees is a primary concern.

Owners of Existing Wireless Sites

Our experts will:

  • Negotiate competitive carrier rents to help maximize your revenue.
  • Relieve you of lengthy and burdensome negotiations, zoning processes and overhead costs.
  • Provide flexible payment options for your wireless lease to reduce the risk of you losing your site due to carrier consolidation and cost cutting.
  • Help you realize tax efficiencies: current revenue from your tower or ground lease is typically taxed as ordinary income; payout arrangements may be taxed at capital gains rates.
  • Work with you and your financial advisors to structure a transaction to meet your financial goals.


Large-Scale Existing Infrastructure

Diamond’s management team has expertise in utilizing existing infrastructure such as utility transmission towers and a railroad rights-of-way to generate incremental revenue outside of the core business.

Diamond has enjoyed a very successful partnership with FirstEnergy, the public utility operating through ten companies in six states. Through this relationship, we:

  • Manage all wireless installations on their transmission towers and properties
  • Developed expertise in designing sites on complex utility structures and properties
  • Consistently increase cash flow on managed sites

As carriers look to meet increasing coverage demand, the FirstEnergy sites are an efficient and low cost way to meet wireless needs.  Diamond can help you capitalize on this market advantage. We can also reduce your costs by:

  • Managing your relationship with the wireless carriers
  • Incurring construction costs on colocation sites
  • Paying maintenance expenses on colocation towers
  • Combining our installations with the expansion of your technology

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