Diamond offers customized Build-to-Suit programs where satisfying the network requirements and deployment needs of our customers comes first.

Our highly experienced management team is comprised of industry experts with 20+ years of tower industry experience. Diamond will partner with you to provide the support you need during all phases of site development. We can customize our support based on your requirements and will seamlessly engage ourselves in the site development process at any stage, from search ring issuance to completion of construction.

Key Elements of Diamond’s Build-to-Suit Program


We are willing to engage at any point in the site development process and we can either utilize your preferred contractors or we can self-perform using members of our team or outsource using our vast network of contractor relationships. Diamond also offers flexible terms and pricing structures that allow you to manage your capital and budgetary objectives.


Diamond’s management team has extensive experience in new tower development and has been developing sites for wireless carriers and governmental entities for over 15 years. Our team of industry veterans are experienced in overcoming any obstacles that may arise during the site development process from site acquisition through permitting and construction.

Customer Service

We recognize that building and maintaining relationships with our customers is vital to our success. We will work closely with you and your teams throughout the process in order to ensure that we meet your schedules and build dates. Your success is our reward.


We understand that in order to build out a single tower or a network of towers it takes a team of industry professionals working together in coordination and harmony. At Diamond, we pride ourselves in our ability to quickly and seamlessly insert ourselves at any point during the site developmental process. Our teams are dedicated to providing frequent and accurate project updates and will work collaboratively with your teams and with other contractors involved with the project.

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