Municipality Maximization and Marketing Program

Municipalities can now maximize their resources to generate income – liquidity from a transaction with Diamond can be used to fund critical budget needs or capital projects.

Whether it’s building a new tower, managing municipality properties, or offering attractive payouts for wireless communication leases – Diamond has the expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Diamond works with police and fire departments, public works and maintenance departments, schools, athletic facilities and national and local governments to maximize the amount of revenue your properties are generating for you.

Through Diamond’s Municipality Maximization and Marketing Program, municipalities have several options available to them to maximize resources and income: payouts for wireless communication antenna leases or towers; development of new towers on municipality properties, buildings or water tanks; use of new towers on FirstEnergy utility infrastructure or property; and property management and advisory services.

Benefits of the Municipality Maximization and Marketing Program:

  • Payouts can be used to fund budget needs or capital expenditures
  • New tower development can result in increased revenue and revenue sharing
  • Additional revenue can be generated for the municipalities, states and local governments by our marketing and management programs
  • Using utility infrastructure property can minimize the visual impact of new tower builds
  • Residents’ mobile data needs can be met without compromising your town’s visual aesthetics


Diamond Communications provides attractive payouts to municipalities and local and state governments for wireless communication antenna leases and towers, as well as new tower builds. A variety of options are available to choose from, such as revenue sharing, lump sum payment or payments over time.

Liquidity from a transaction with Diamond can:

  • Provide security and immediate value
  • Fund critical budget needs
  • Fund expenditures such as a new building or emergency vehicles
  • Fund capital projects

As a leading wireless infrastructure partner, Diamond offers a comprehensive marketing program for carriers to use existing infrastructure to meet coverage objectives. This effort increases revenue opportunities which can benefit municipalities over the long term.

Diamond will manage your municipality properties, including handling all maintenance, repairs and upgrades related to the sites. In addition, with our strong ties to major wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, we’ll market your sites effectively to new tenants and provide opportunities for new revenue streams.

Diamond has the experience to manage any municipality property including water towers, wireless communication towers, raw land, buildings and rooftops. Our team of professionals has managed a variety of owners’ properties for colocation and new tower builds. Diamond’s senior executives have managed more than 100,000 properties throughout the US for utilities, individuals, commercial enterprises, real estate investment trusts, railroads and municipalities.


Mobile data traffic increases every year and with limited capacity on existing wireless infrastructure, there is a growing demand for building new sites and towers. Diamond can help address your residents’ demand for enhanced wireless coverage without compromising the visual aesthetics of your community.

Diamond partners with FirstEnergy, one of the largest utility companies in the US, to provide colocation opportunities on utility and communication structures and other owned properties. By using already-existing utility infrastructure, we minimize the visual impact from building new infrastructure.

Diamond Communications enjoys working with state and local planners as well as wireless firms to promote awareness of using FirstEnergy companies’ existing towers and properties to serve as wireless communications structures. By working together, Diamond colocated wireless sites become “win-win” solutions for our customers and support the communities in which we live and work.

Our site inventory covers more than 65,000 square miles of territory with approximately 120,000 structures and properties running along 20,000 miles of transmission line towers, radio towers, monopoles, distribution poles, property rights-of-way, buildings and properties.

Whether it’s building a new tower on municipality or state or local government land, Diamond is a full-service tower infrastructure company that can help you meet your community’s needs. Our expertise in all aspects of new tower builds will ensure your project will be handled efficiently and quickly.

We welcome your call to discuss how our Municipality Maximization and Marketing Program can work for you. For more information, email Peter Woodbury, President of Land Acquisitions and Site Management, or call him at (973) 544-6822. If you have a specific question about developing a new tower on municipality land, email Orazio Russo, Senior VP of Sales & Operations, or call him at (973) 544-6817.